Swedish last minute travel agency Ticket wanted to capitalize on President Obama's recent visit to Stockholm, by suggesting it was more important to discuss Edward Snowden with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow. They also posted the same ads in Moscow, directed towards Putin.

If you don't stop to think about this ad for too long it's clever. But if you do think about it for more than a second though it misses the mark. Here's how:

Since no one outside Sweden really speaks Swedish, the "Femte jobbskatteavdraget" punch line is lost in translation. For those who care, femte jobbskatteavdraget is translated as "fifth work tax deduction," a current national topic. This ad is directed towards locals, I get it, but what a missed opportunity for widerearned media. People were standing outside with these ads. The President or his entourage saw it.

President Obama has Air Force One—his one airline.

Swedes like to present themselves with this aw shucks kind of humility, like "No one could possibly be here to discuss anything we have going on in our little country." In reality though, it's more of a naive arrogance. Something better to discuss in Sweden beyond some tax he's never heard of? I know it's not as hot button an issue as some tax, but how about Julian Assange? How about rampant anti-semitism in Malmö? How about the fact that Sweden is sharing its citizens fingerprint info with the U.S.? Or maybe Obama could talk about Sweden has the FRA law which allows warrantless wiretaps on its citizens?

Where was I?

Oh, right. The ad.

Logic flawed. Not that funny. It could’ve been better and done a lot more.

Client: Ticket Agency: Jung von Matt Magnus Andersson: copywriter Daniel Wahlgren: art director Per Jörnlöv: designer. Jan Casserlöv: Account Director Louise Wikholm: Account Manager

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