Tampax gets interactive


Tampax gets interactive


So going through the latest issue of InStyle, I came across this ad for Tampax. I had to laugh. One has to wonder if they really think anyone would cut out the clothes and dress up their tampon.

(much more inside)

Of course, we had to see what the heck a dressed up tampon would look like.

In the buff:


Night out on the town:


Thankfully, Tampax saved themselves from putting in the typical white pants, bicycle and mysterious blue liquid.


HAHAHAHAAA! I can't believe you did that. :))

Honestly, neither can I! hahah. But it's darn funny.

Brilliant! I think women everywhere should have tampon dolls in their cubicles now.

And I actually like the ad, too. Anything that avoids the "white pants, bicycle, and mysterious blue liquid" gets a thumbs-up from me!

nice outfit collection!
and nice change of pace in concept too.

Thank you for going to the trouble of dressing up the tampon. I wouldn't have, so I never would have known what I was missing!

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