Tampax Print Ad Swimming In Blue Liquid


Tampax Print Ad Swimming In Blue Liquid

While surfing I came across a site called BeingGirl which is a Tampax/Always brand site for young girls. If you follow the prior link you'll see a really really bad commercial. Unfortunately it looks like you can only rate it as good, not bad. Total shame. In addition, there are a couple print ads which give new meaning to the use of "blue liquid" in such advertising. It's hard to believe that these are actually real. Perhaps they aren't. The woman in the second layout caressing the box of Tampons is just too unreal. I am unsure if these are meant to run together, but seems likely considering the lack of brand name and product shot on the first one.


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Might just be me, but that gal in the first ad looks a bit like a white tampon floating in the mysterious blue liquid.

Not just you. Having been 'trained' by advertising to see "blue liquid = blood or pee" I was instantly grossed out when I looked at the first shot.

astoundingly bad copy, despite (or maybe because of) the "whatever" attempt at cleverness. it doesn't segue very well to the boring "New Tampax Fresh..." bit.

i vote fake, if that's possible.

Yikes, the copy is really terrible. Rated 1. SUCKS!

That is quite possibly the worst ad I've ever seen.

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