The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) wanted to target senior citizens who were unfamiliar with HSL's the travel card. There was a belief among that target who felt both the public transport and the card were difficult to use.

Finnish agency 358 created a campaign to change that belief by showing how easy it was to use the card relieve them of their fears. Even better, they could get a free 2-week travel card, delivered to their door.

By the way last year’s HSL campaign which targeted car owners resulted in 35 000 new cards being given out, creating new ticket sales of over 1 million euros. That revenue provided HSL with enough funds to further improve their service.

Advertising Agency: 358, Helsinki, Finland Agency website: Art Director: Ale Lauraéus Copywriter: Antti Tähtinen Product and service designer: Olli Laaksonen, Thomas Hutton Producer: Mari Romanoff Account manager: Kimmo Tupala Photographer: Lauri Eriksson Retouching: Jussi Manni Client: Sami Jokivirta, Jarno Ekström, Mari Flink, Kaarina Kivimäki

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