Swedish summers are famous for a lot of things, midnight sun, skinny dipping, odd midsummer parties, rain throughout July, and mosquitos. Millions of mosquitos. They'll eat you alive.

"Up until now there really has been no way to find out how big the problem is locally in different parts of the country. When you plan your vacation you can get a weather report but not a mosquito report. With this insight, we helped our client - a nordic agent for the mosquito repellent product Thermacell - build a crowdsourcing tool for mosquito reports."

And thus the iPhone app "Myggrapporten" (the Mosquito Report in Swedish) was born. It has a heat map with user generated mosquito reports and of course, lets the user submit reports. You can rate the mosquito situation from "minor" to "unbearable".

"The app quickly became one of the most downloaded apps in the Swedish AppStore, the largest dailies in Sweden featured articles about the app and thousand of reports from all over Sweden have been submitted."

You can download on iTunes. Nice way to sell mosquito-repellant.

Agency: Deportivo, Stockholm, Sweden Agency website: www.deportivo.se Digital strategist: Stefan Ronge Art director: Tomas Måsviken Creative director: Anders Hallén Web developer: Patrik Hedmalm (Epicore) Producer: Magnus Nilsson

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