ThinkLA awards in pieces


ThinkLA awards in pieces

"The problem with awards" Margaret explains "is that they have on statue when an entire team worked on something..." and on that thought alone, the rubiks cube like award for ThinkLA was born. With this new trophy design each member of the team can reveice a part of the award, and they can be displayed alone or together. If the office fancies keeping the collected cubes in reception, team members can buy their own pieces.

Executive Creative Directors: Chris Adams & Margaret Keene
Creative Director: Erich Funke
Associate Creative Directors: Jerry Underwood & Michael Zulawinski
Copywriters: Joel Francke, Ben George & Jonathan Pelleg
Art Director: Brian Frisk & Verner Soler
Executive Producer: Jordana Reim
Senior Producer: Margaret Nickerson
Integrated Producer: Jesse Pugh
Print Producer: Gloria Olegario


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