To demonstrate the stain removing abilities of Tide, Leo Burnett Mumbai created an interactive bunch of double page spreads. The pages are stuck together - just like in that rather naughty set of sticky double page spreads for Hombre magazine and the POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) rape ads from Lowe Bull in 2003.
But from there on, these ads work different, instead of ripping the paper, they leave a stain on the opposing page, from the lipstick, ice-cream and ketchup. It's done in a rubber cement type glue that the reader can easily scrape off with their nails - and there you go, they just demonstrated how Tide works. It's a box full of genetically engineered rabid nails that scrapes stain off your clothes you know, what did you think those little white flakes were?
update: read comment, I got a little too exited here.

Ad agency: Leo Burnett Mumbai Amol Jadhav (Photographer) KV Sridhar (Executive Creative Director) Santosh Padhi (Executive Creative Director) Santosh Padhi (Art Director) Santosh Padhi (Copywriter) KV Sridhar (Copywriter)

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    Hmmm. No. Wait, I'm reading too much into that explanation of theirs "The lip stick was stuck on with post-it glue": They just mean that the glue was applied on the lips & ketchup and ice-cream. Then the pages just open -stainless - and you deduce magical Tide swept any possible stains away. Sorry.

    I like my scraping thing better. Meh.

    Jun 25, 2008

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