Tide - Surprisingly White - (2008) print (Australia)


Tide - Surprisingly White - (2008) print (Australia)

From Leo Burnett, Sydney comes this ad campaign that reminds me of telling ghost stories with the help of flashlights. Except, there are no flashlights involved.......

Well, how white does your detergent gets your knickers, socks and whatnots? Hmm? This white?

creds: Mark Collis (Creative Director), Chris round (Creative Group Head and Copywriter and Art Director), Luke Simkins (Art Director)
Photographer: Scott Newett

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These are nice.

Are these people standing in the dark? In their underwear? Alone??

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).
"Hey, barkeep, 2 Rock Over Hip-Hops and 1 Bach Over Vivaldi with ice."

I find the erie light and the expressions on their faces makes the photos a bit creepy looking. Even more so if what Allan1 asked is true.

"Happiness is overrated."

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