A new campaign for TIM in Brazil rears its blue head. The last we saw from them was the Infinity Tim "Dam" ad, which communicated that you could talk as much as you wanted while only paying for the first minute. This time Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil called on the Blue Man Grouop for a series of commercials (inside) and posters.

In this ad, the Blue Man group gatecrash a symphony and turn it into a rock concert of sorts.

Here the Blue Man group bungee-jump down to grab unsuspecting people stuff and replace it with tech-gadgets.

In this ad, the Blue Man group make a small cameo at the end, the real star is the CGI-coverage of the land. Did anyone else think of the dome in the Simpsons when they saw this? ;)

client company - TIM ad agency – NeogamaBBH art director - Daniel Leitão and Max Geraldo Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama Creative Directors: Márcio Ribas and Wilson Mateos Copywriter - Silvio Amorim and José Luiz Martins Photographer – Bruno Cals Illustrator – Super Lúdico Typographer - Super Lúdico digital artist - Eduardo Oliveira, Daniel Leão, Carlos Morelli, Alessandra Perez, Roberta Souza e Alexandre Manzano

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