Toyota wanted to get the word out that ,any car accidents happen when the driver is backing up. So, along with Happiness Brussels they got a bit of art on for Toyota.

The carmaker commissioned a series of 3d street paintings from artist Ernest Zacharevic , who painted a series of murals in a Brussels parking lot. The murals depict innocent kids playing and having fun, right in places where drivers are most apt to back up.

Along with all of them is a line: "Protect what's behind you. Drive with a rear-view camera."

Emotional without being sappy. Straight and to the point. And the drawings are quite beautiful, too.

Nice one, guys.

Toyota case study

Agency: Happiness Brussels, Brussels, Belgium Agency website: Client: Toyota Belgium Agency: Happiness Brussels Creative Management:
 Karen Corrigan, Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz Creative Director: Peter Ampe Concept Provider : Gregory Titeca Head of Art:
Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz
Peter Ampe
 Art Director:
Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz
 Account Director:
Pascal Kemajou
 Account Manager:
Mehdi Sel
 Producers: Dominique Van doormaal, Bart Vande Maele
Ernest Zacharevic
 Content Director: Joris Joosten Social Media Manager: Maarten Breda Interactive production: Bliss Interactive Film Director & Photography: Bob Jeusette Pictures retouching: Gregory Ellinger Graphic Designers:
Jeremy Vandenbosch, Daniel Nino Parking:
Q-Park Lepage

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  • Dabitch's picture

    I love the one with the kid on the tricycle, when the tricycle is a real one. That probably freaked a lot of drivers out.

    Nov 01, 2012

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