So here's an interesting factoid. In Japan, only 7.5% of husbands clean the bathroom. And yet because most of them are, shall we say, careless when they go to the bathroom, they tend to make more of a mess than the women. So to encourage men to clean up the bathroom, household cleaning brand TOYOTECNO and I&S BBDO rearranged one of the little peeing man fountains to basically, well, have the little peeing man clean up after himself with a message that translates: Gentlemen...if you stand up...clean up!

Client: Toyotecno Agency: I&S BBDO Senior Creative Director: Shinichi Ikeda Creative Director / Art Director: Takahiro Sakai Agency Producer: Hironobu Taniguchi Producers: Tomoaki Watanabe, Noriyuki Yasumitsu Production Design: Naga Ishii

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