Based on the insight that chocolate mint chewing gum is a little odd, JWT London asks you to embrace it. I already have a pal in Finland send me chocolate mint gum some on a regular basis, which has the added benefit of coming in a pack that reads "purkka pussi". Yes that makes me giggle. I told you I'm totally a kid.

Agency: JWT London Retouch: Lightbulb Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey Creative Director: Greg Martin/Mike McKenna Creative team: Phillip Meyler & Darren Keff Artist: Syd Brack

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    I had to zoom in to the BIG size to see what was going on with that eye. Basically, to me it just looks like she's been punched. So is this being marketed to guys who get a kick out of just-beaten submissive women?

    Aug 08, 2008

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