Truth Anti-tobacco "Remove one"


Truth Anti-tobacco "Remove one"

The posse at Trial DDB in Dallas did this ad for TRUTH, an anti tobacco group. "Remove one" it says. Your choice, which one? Hmm?

Creds go to ECD Brian Darby CD Jeff Bagley AD Steve Laing and copywriter Kim Frandsen.

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Nice and to the point!

You know, just for once I'd like to see an anti-smoking campaign that doesn't tell us how dead we're gong to be. Aversion tactics don't work for everyone, you know!

If I had a tobacco company, I'd put the little dotty lines around the whole ad. Of course, I'd probably be sued & given the evil eye by the media...

Hehehe, but you'd get fans here in Adland for clever retort though.

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