is the tumblr where all the helpful street graffiti tutoring has been collected for your enjoyment. You see, people who vandalize walls usually don't have the best grasp on spelling and grammar. They'll write slogans like "Less Boats, More Fish" (Oh wait, that was greenpeace), and forget where the apostrophe goes despite Bob the angry flower's helpful guide. So The Tutor Crowd, which is a website that helps you find tutors, have made this clever campaign to alert yobs out there of their services. Cheap on media? You betcha. Clever? That too. Seen before? Well, only in the sense that I've seen second graders correcting the tweets of NFL players, which isn't quite the same only also hilarious.

P.S. do you remember when TEAL got arrested for correcting a historic typo? Good times.

Client: The Tutor Crowd

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    I'm just going to leave this here (imgurl images vanish after 6 mo.)

    Mar 19, 2013