UCLA Extension turns 100 next year. Now they've teamed up with strategic branding and marketing agency Troika, to launch an extensive campaign throughout Southern California this month. It was designed to increase awareness, particularly amidst the modern-day challenges of heightened competition among continuing education. It's all part of their "Get there from here" campaign. For fall, their concept was "metamorphosis." As in many paths, choose yours. Keep finding yourself. Etc.
The design nods that that concept as well. The blue and gold colors are reworked into a vibrant, flowing stream of ribbon, with the various shades and colors used in the ribbons representing the multitude of choices for professional and personal development offered at UCLA Extension. This campaign will appear on billboards, pole banners, bus tails on the Metro and the Blue Line, as well as digital displays at local airports, in elevators, cinemas and online.

Client: UCLA Extension Agency: Troika

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