Ultra Grip Tyres - Teddy Bear / Game - print ads, Brazil


Ultra Grip Tyres - Teddy Bear / Game - print ads, Brazil

If the Michelin tyre man had children, they'd probably look like this. I have no idea what it's supposed to mean though... That holding on to the road is child's play? oooooooooh, that's it.

Ad agency: Y&R São Paulo
Account team : Felipe Wanderley, Rui Branquinho
Chief Creative Officer : Chief Creative Officer : Rui Branquinho
Creative Director : Rui Branquinho
Creative Director : Flavio Casarotti
Creative Director : Alexandre Vilela (Xa)
Creative Director : Felipe Gall
Copywriter : Lucas Casao
Art Director : Guilherme Racz
Account Director : Valeria Ordonhez
Planner : Fernanda Flandoli
Planner : Flavio Proença
Client Team Director : Rui Moreira
Client Team Director : Luciana Guidi
Illustrator : Gabriel Bueno
Account manager : Claudia Menezes

Art Buyer: Monica Beretta
Media team: Gustavo Gaion/ Gabriela Ben David

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