Unicef India - Child Labour / Dad's Shoes - print, India


Unicef India - Child Labour / Dad's Shoes - print, India

Oh yeah, so you think photos of little kids in their parents wellingtons are cute, right? Wrong. No agency credit on this submission so I have no idea if this is spec or not. This is all the info I got;

Advert title(s): Many children get into their father's shoes very early.
Help them get into school shoes instead. Donate generously.

Creative Director / Copywriter: Satya P R
Art Director: Siju S Nair
Photographer: Kumaran

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Scam ad or renegade team?

Mark it SPEC WORK until someone from the team bothers to log in and clarify. I trust Adland to not post spec in the same topic as real work, so it's probably better that you err on the side of caution, few other ad-sitess have a good track record like you.

Good point. Marked as SPEC until clarification arrives.

Why doesn't his dad buy him some proper wellies? It's a disgrace.

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