Unilever, parent company for Lynx, has been forced to pull its ad from a field in the flight path of Gatwick Airport.

However, following a complaint by a member of public, Tandridge District Council ordered Unilever to remove the ad or face prosecution.

The ad was a part of the "Spray more, get more" campaign and also includes TV spots. This outdoor ad was scheduled to run from July 18th to August 14th.

The ad had also angered environmental bodies including the Campaign to Protect Rural England. "Advertising has a place, and that is not in the fields surrounding our airports," said a spokesman for the charity.

Apparently the ad had already been toned down from the original concept of three naked figures mimicking the design of the Cerne Abbas Giant -- the chalk man carved in-to a Dorset hillside.

The ad was created by BBH and Flightpath Media.


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    While I really liked that ad, I'm glad it has to be removed. I'm getting a little tired of the ad-invasion in every aspect of our lives.

    Aug 03, 2005

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