Karma Lakeland

I sense a chicken trend in the inbox today.... has PETA heard about this one? I must admit I don't quite get this: "Fabricated birds were put in coops which were welded together" - what, real live birds? In coops...which you then welded together? And used as a living billboard? It certainly looks like they're alive. Tagline: Time to check out villas at Karma Lakeland - Unitech. I might just check out how to set these chickens free instead.

Ad agency: JWT New Delhi Saurabh Dua (Photographer) Manoranjan Mukherjee (Designer) Anuja Chauhan (Executive Creative Director) Anupama Ramaswamy, Simran Sahni (Creative Director) Anupama Ramaswamy (Art Director) Simran Sahni (Copywriter)

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