Playing on everyones ego, United Way of Southern Nevada launched a campaign where you can be the face on their billboard. Who doesn't want to be on a billboard? Uploading self-portraits is what most folks did on the AMEX interactive billboard in Belgium back in 05, even though I suggested we'd try goatse (and I totally did). The United Way billboard requires that you first make a proper donation, via their Facebook page, and you will receive a special thank you by having your photo appear on Las Vegas area digital billboards. Neat! No uploading required, that facebook profile image of you dancing with a lampshade on your head will do.

Through this interactive charitable giving campaign, each contributor has an opportunity to influence change in three basic building blocks of life: health, education and financial stability. Supporters who donate a minimum of $10 on United Way's Facebook page, now through December 31, will have the option of uploading an individual photo to be featured on an area digital billboard.

To be a part of United Way of Southern Nevada's 'Be the Face of Change' movement, simply visit facebook. After donating and uploading a photo, individuals can see their image on a billboard throughout the Las Vegas valley, or view a photo of the billboard when it is posted on the United Way of Southern Nevada's Facebook page.

"We wanted to say a unique 'thank you' to our donors this Holiday season, and by using social media and new technology, we can give a special recognition to our supporters on billboards throughout the Las Vegas valley," said Cass Palmer, president and CEO of United Way of Southern Nevada. “We encourage the community to be a part of the spirit of giving this time of year and join United Way of Southern Nevada's campaign to be the resource to make a difference."

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