Universal Barber Shop - Aromatherapy / Prices / Pole - print

If you want aromatherapy, take a whiff of the blue crap the combs are in
Moustache trimming prices: men 6 bucks. Women: free
The first to realize you get more business when you install a pole

Universal Barber Shop - Aromatherapy / Prices / Pole - print

Aaah, barbershops. The proper places for men to get their hair cut, shaved and buzzed. No fancy-smancy lavender scented oils, no neon lit salon where your hairdresser has Farah Fawcett's do and hip-wiggle. Barbershops are basic, and traditional. They know the buzzcut, the burr, the businessmans cut. The know how to use clippers and how to taper your neckline and trim your sideburns. Barbeshops never go out of style. Barbershops are honest. This campaign is so very barbershop. Nicely done.

Ad agency: Target (St. John's, Newfoundland)
Creative Director: Tom Murphy
Art Director: Dax Fullbrook
Copywriter: Sarah Park
Assoc Creative Director : Jeff McLean

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