USPS warns you not to play the foreign lottos.

Image of ad by Kidsleepy
Image of ad by Kidsleepy

USPS warns you not to play the foreign lottos.

When I got to chez Kidsleepy this evening from a long days work I checked the mail, and found this little mailer, warning me to not send money in the mail to foreign lotteries because they are a scam.
And by "warning me," I don't mean me but old folks. You can tell because the message is sponsored by the Old Folks Lobbyists, AARP.

I get it. Scamming is serious and for realsies. But wowzers, the back copy is so hilariously over the top, parts of it are written like a Cold War era relic:

You're told to mail or wire a small amount for taxes and fees to claim your prize.
What should you do? Hang up the phone! Ignore the email!

You just know the copywriter wanted to add extra exclamation points to each sentence. I can feel it.

hang up the phone!! Pull down the blinds!!! Get out your aircraft identification manuals!!! Be on the lookout for the Jerries!!!!!

I have no idea if this was done by Campbell Ewald or Draftfcb (who as of last year still retained some post office work during the epic review) or if this was done by someone who has the AARP. I just know they gotta put down the coffee. People don't like being scared. Especially the Seasoned Citizens.

Clients: U.S. Post Office. AARP



omg, the Jerries. Soljer, buy bonds instead of that there Lotto-scheming things, why, in a few years it'll be worth TEN DOLLAH! Plus it comes complete with leggy hick chick.

Yours wins for number of exclamation points!!!! I was thinking more along the lines of this!!!!

We must tell no one about this.

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