Euro RSCG Worldwide São Paulo created this fathers day "bib tie" for Vanish. The idea being that you use this bib to protect your tie if mommy (who presumably does the laundry) hasn't heard about the products spot-busting abilities.
Course, vanish will only work on ties that can actually be machine washed in water which, lets see here now... Hmm..... *counts all ties in the closet* Exactly zero ties in this house can be. So while the idea is cute, it fails to talk to any owners of dry clean only ties which I've always assumed is everyone who ever owned a tie. But then, perhaps there are cheap nylon ties out there that can be machine washed? Does anyone know? Bueller?

Agency: Euro RSCG Worldwide, São Paulo Edilson Bilal : Illustrator Carlos Castelo / Rodrigo Corbari : Creative Director Vitor Bomfim : Art Director André Baldez : Copywriter