Vespa NZ - Trams & Cops - print, New Zealand


Vespa NZ - Trams & Cops - print, New Zealand

This image below perfectly illustrates why my significant other refuses to let me give our offspring a ride on my 1960's Vespa Primavera. The whole world looks exactly like this when I ride. Lets hope he doesn't see this campaign or I'll have fun fun fun until daddy takes my Vespa away. ;) From Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, illustrated by Trevor Powell.

Designer: Nick Smith
Illustrator: Trevor Powell
Executive Creative Director: Mike O'Sullivan
Creative team: Tim Huse & Hywel James
Account Director: David Bowles
Print Producer: Craig Vary

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If that is what you see you are a menace on the roads.

I can imagine a lot of people throwing their toys from the pram when they see this ad, but I can confirm this is exactly how the world looks from a bike.

Love the art direction, too. Makes me think of vintage Vespa not those garish new-fangled things they now sell that sound like an army of gnats. I swear those are hairdryers with wheels and not real bikes.

*Moahahahahahaha* Too true man. Plus they just don't smell right either.

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