Vimochan Development Society - Help Her! - ambient, India


Vimochan Development Society - Help Her! - ambient, India

Headline: HELP HER! Remove the rope.

Body copy: Each day, some twenty Indian women are tortured, stabbed, hung or burned.
That's over 7000 dowry deaths per year!
You can help, by speaking out against abuse when you encounter it.
Because the abused have no voice.

Brief: To create innovative, eye-catching OOH communication to highlight the plight of women in India, and evoke the desired response from the TA: That of speaking out against the evils of the dowry system that still prevails across the country.

Solution: An interactive creative that visually dramatizes the dowry death situation in the country, and calls for action on the part of the audience. The creative is hung in public places, where it will not be overlooked. When the noose is removed from the girl's neck, the full message is revealed, along with an exhortation to speak out against the evils of the dowry system.

Extension of OOH Utility: Besides car door handles, bike handlebars & tea-bag tags, it can be used in public transportation and other ambient settings like parks (on bushes in a larger format), as a bookmark in libraries...

Agency: Bhadra Communications, Bangalore, India
Art Director: Siju S Nair
Copywriter: Dominic J L Satur / Siju S Nair
Published: June, 2008

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