Visual effects show earthquake effects


Visual effects show earthquake effects

Will the adgrunt who has not used an optical illusion as an ad for aspirins or eye drops please raise their hands? I'm afraid I can't, there was an Optrex campaign in my student folio. *hangs head*
Here's something new though, a different optical illusion used for earthquake awareness from jentera intermdia Indonesia. It's like a tsunami on paper.

agency: jentera intermdia, yogyakarta, indonesia
ad: aancool
cw: aancool

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Aw thanks. in my defense, the art direction was rockin'.

I rate it a four. I'm sure the line was better in Indonesian than it is in English. Lacks punch. Great visual.

the original ad is in indonesian, translate for adland

I thought so. Thanks for the translation. The ad is good.

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