VolksWagen EOS (somethings are better to be TOPLESS)

VolksWagen EOS Magazine AD

VolksWagen EOS (somethings are better to be TOPLESS)

Advertised brand: VolksWagen EOS (somethings are better to be TOPLESS)
Advert title(s): VolksWagen EOS
Headline and copy text (in English): somethings are better to be TOPLESS

Published: Magazine AD, June '08

Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country):CONTRAST Media Solutions®, Cairo-Egypt
Agency website:
Photographer: Mohamed Shiha
Creative Director: Mahmoud Saeed
Art Director: Muhamed Abdelaziz
Copywriter: Mahmoud Saeed
Illustrator: Wa'el Atef Azab
Production Manager: Shady Mohamed
Account Director: Mostafa Farag
Director: Ahmed Shiha



Please tell me you're kidding. That's a terrible ad.

The Volkswagen dealers in Egypt apparently haven't head that Volkswagen won cannes lions 2009 Advertiser of the year for their consistent creativity. Or they did and thought they could slack a little.

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