Water Conservation - Giant plugs in Dublin


Water Conservation - Giant plugs in Dublin

These vinyl stickers are becoming increasingly popular as advertising media. Dublin City uses them to seal the drains with a giant sink plug. The tagline reads: “Water is precious. Let’s conserve it.”

Previous vinyl sticker ad

Campaign for water conservation created by Publicis QMP, Dublin
CD, Ger Roe
Art Director, Ciaran McCarthy
Copywriter, Darragh Carey

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If that guy doesn't watch where he's going he's gonna walk straight into that pole.

Don't worry, that pole's just an ambient ad for The Campaign For Dog Toilets.

This is a nice idea. Congrats to the team.

Why are they sealing the drains? Don't the drains serve an important purpose?

"Happiness is overrated."

Yes, that part of Vinyl stickering the drains (for any advertising reason) doesn't make sense to me.
Also, I wonder who gets paid for that media. In this case it's the city advertising, so it's a really cheap way for them to do it, I presume. But in the case of Saatchi's NYC steaming "Coffee"-drain that I linked to as previous example, I wonder how they got that deal. (and how the steam escapes when you can't see obvious holes)

I remember a few years ago when Saatchi's steaming coffee cup was in the news in NYC, and there was lots of talk about whether it was a hoax or real. I don't know anyone who actually saw any of the alleged coffee cups around town, and then lots of people think that the photo of the girl in the long coat walking past the cup looks like it's photoshop, and not done very well at that. Although I think it's pretty convincing???

That looks like Seventh Ave down in the village. Get off the street girl, you're gonna get killed!

I think the Folger's coffee is photoshop from the "Fake floor". I want to work on the fake floor.

That last picture with the girl may be Photoshopped. I think I see a bit of an artifact rim around the coffee cup.

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