From a lawn perfect for mid-afternoon picnics, to decadent chocolates and the best most interesting wines around, Celebrity Cruises has it all.

CLIENT NAME: Celebrity Cruises BRAND: Celebrity Cruises NAME OF AD: Modern Luxury Lives Here. EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Paul Venables and Will McGinness CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Erich Pfeifer SENIOR ART DIRECTOR: Rich North SENIOR COPYWRITER: Ryan Hoercher DESIGN DIRECTOR: Cris Logan DESIGNER: Blake Johnston STUDIO MANAGER: Jennifer Trull STUDIO: Will Larsen, Natalie Cowan DIRECTOR OF INTEGRATED PRODUCTION: Craig Allen PRODUCTION HOUSE: Pacific Digital Image DIRECTOR OF ART PRODUCTION: Jacqueline Fodor PRINT PRODUCER: Michelle Wells, Shelly Amin ART BUYER: Shelly Amin, Renee Hodges PHOTOGRAPHER: Maren Caruso SENIOR BRAND STRATEGIST: Mike Riley BUSINESS LEAD: Colleen McGee ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR: Krista Muir ACCOUNT MANAGER: Ariel Rosen ASSISTANT ACCOUNT MANAGER: Francesca Robertson SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER: Talya Fisher PROJECT MANAGER: Leah Murphy DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Susan Conklin PROOFREADER: Michael Rosenthal

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