Ford Edge's Park Assist feature is a pretty important one, because it allows you to navigate those tricky parking spots without having to worry that you might hit something. Because every centimeter really does count. This print campaign from BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel takes that centimeter to a literal place, by creating rulers featuring the Ford Edge and the slight amount of space it has from poles, trees and fire hydrants. Simple, but brilliant. Also, you have to give props to the car client for being brave enough to go with a concept that doesn't show a real depiction of its cars. Maybe I'm just jaded from having worked on a car brand here in the states, but I sincerely doubt many car brands (and their dealers associations who have all the real sway) would be okay with something like this. Good on them for selling it through.

Client: Delek-Motors LTD Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel Chief Executive Officer: Yossi Lubaton Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Lang VP Creative Director: Eran Nir Copywriter: Shushu E. Spanier Art Director: Noa Navot Group Account Head: Ben Muskal Account Supervisor: Chen Halpern Account Executives: Gil Gershon, Hadar Goren VP Production & Content: Dorit Gvili Producer: Alon Smoelof Strategic Planning Supervisor: Lora Goichman Planner: Roie Gortler Creative Coordinator: Eva Hasson Traffic Director: Ronit Doanis Studio manager: Yaron Keinan Photoshop: Yaniv Shahar Photographer: Menachem Reiss Marketing Communications Manager: Yogev Weiss