WhyImAlive.com have put up billboards showing people who survived accidents sitting on a gurney in front of their accident sites. Then they sent out cryptic emails: "Have you seen these billboards? Amanda should have died, but she didn't." Amanda Johnson is the woman in the billboard above. She survived a car accident in 2008 that took the life of her friend, Andy Wiersma. Amanda's billboard has real smoke coming out from the car crash depicted behind her. The survivors' stories can be found on a new Avera website "Why I'm Alive.com" along with information that can help you and your family plan for an emergency.

If you were driving down Minnesota Avenue near 33rd Street, the billboard with a young woman calmly seated in front of an accident scene may have caught your attention. Smoke billowed from the top of the billboard, appearing as though it was coming from the car behind the woman. What should be more attention getting than the spectacle is the story behind it.
As for the smoke coming from the 33rd and Minnesota Avenue billboard, it was shut down by Sioux Falls Fire Rescue this morning after numerous calls from the public to 9-1-1.



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