WildWash shampoo for dogs


WildWash shampoo for dogs

WildWash is a line of environmentally friendly grooming products for dogs. These ads are making the point that their products are as good for dogs as any $30 bottle of shampoo you buy for yourself. The sheep dog one is my favorite. It looks the most integrated.

These ads should be submitted to Archive right now.

Agency: BETC London
Client: Andrew Cooper and Jane Cooper, WildWash
Executive creative director: Neil Dawson, BETC London
Creative Team: Sigi Egedal and Oli Rimoldi, BETC London
Head of copy: Clive Pickering, BETC London
Designer: Louise Sloper, BETC London
Retoucher: Ben Edwards, BETC London
Photographer: Simon Harris
Stylist: Sally O’Neill
Casting: JN Casting

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I hope they will more!


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