Agency: Leo Burnett Bangkok demonstrates the sharpness of WMF Knifes by slicing animals straight in half on a double page spread. Do chickens eyes look like then when cut in half by the way? Mental note: must get chicken and chop clean in half to test. Then make soup. Mmmm. Chicken soup. Two more inside.

Keeratie Chaimoungkalo (Executive Creative Director) Sompat Trisadikun (Executive Creative Director) Keeratie Chaimoungkalo (Creative Director) Sompat Trisadikun (Creative Director) Kittisak Prechapanich (Copywriter) supachai toemtechatpong (Art Director) Sompat Trisadikun (Art Director) Digital Imaging: Presto Production House: Haamchua Co Note: Campaign also won Silver 2008 Cannes Press Lion

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  • alex's picture

    I notice they don't seem to say 'this knife does that' specifically, probably because it surely can't do that. If it does, I want one. As for the chicken's eyes, that might just be realistic - their heads aren't very thick, are they?

    Jul 02, 2008
  • RLDavies's picture

    I've studied more human than chicken anatomy, but they all look real to me. Probably freeze-dried, then sliced.

    Jul 02, 2008

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