Wonderbra - Shattered poster glass - print, Germany


Wonderbra - Shattered poster glass - print, Germany

Wonderbra, via Publicis Frankfurt, would like to inform us that with the wonderbra you do not only get a nice lift but also a rock hard chest that can shatter glass. I didn't know this was something to strive for, but I guess glass-shatteringly strong boobs could come in handy if you're a cat burglar or something. Maybe use them for self defense? "You looking at my cleavage? Huh? That THAT! *bang! boom" pow!*" Yeah, that could work.
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Photography by: Johannes Krzeslack & Marischa Altenheim
Executive Creative Director: Stephan Ganser
Creative Director: Nico Jünger, Stefan Leick
Art Director: Hendrik Frey
Account Supervisor: Christina Freitag



Frankfort must be very, very cold.


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