World Water Day - how to make water out of urine - print, India

For world water day Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai decided to go the educational route and actually tech us how to make your urine drinkable water in this poster, which looks a lot like old school posters in its Art Direction/ Illustration style.

It's pretty simply actually, all you need is a hole in the ground, a bucket, some tarp and rocks, the sun itself and then of course, your pee. In fact I hear that the übertough French foreign league men and Chilean army soldiers do this all the time. So next time you're at a loss for water, here you go.

Mahesh Gharat, Typographer Piyush Pandey, Executive Creative Director Abhijit Avasthi, Executive Creative Director Shekhar Jha, Creative Director Mahesh Gharat, Creative Director Mahesh Gharat, Art Director Anad Rane, Art Director Shekhar Jha, Copywriter
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Good to know it's recyclable!