This campaign from Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific seeks to raise awareness about the so called "Honour" killings that are happening all over the world and direct people to the Stop Honour Killings site. Personally I think "Honour" killings is the wrong word, it implies there's some sort of honour in hacking your own family to death, it needs a bit of re-branding, how about "pathetic barbaric neanderthal killings done by small minded and small dicked men"*? Read more at

* I bet someone will comment that not all honour killings are performed by men. Think a little longer on the topic before you do, and P.S. my point went *schwoooosh* way above your head.

Credits: Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific Creatives: Alex Noble (Typographer) Alex Noble (Retoucher) Christen Monge (Executive Creative Director) Andrew Reznik (Creative Director) Alex Noble (Art Director) Susie Chow (Copywriter)