Dear Adland adgrunts*, who here loves vinyl as much as I do? Raise of hands! Kay! This means you love music too - and quite possibly that you'll love this beautifully illustrated campaign from Young & Rubicam in France for French Radio FM. You can practically smell the vinyl. Much like with the music that each poster shows, I can't pick a favorite! All sorts of music styles are shown, and the Godfather of Funk James Brown gets his own execution.

James Brown illustrator: Richard Mongenet

* Yeah, I'm going to begin an annoying habit of talking about Dabitch in third person and naming the site constantly, as I get wigged out when I find posts on other websites, where Dabitch is talking about Dabich's life but the other websites seem to imply that some random dude was the writer and thus talking about random dudes life. Dabitch feels this is a really strange way of serving feeds and/or reposting posts. Dabitch has spoken.

Eight more executions inside. Young & Rubicam really go all out when they do a campaign.

Ska illustrator: Jean Spezial

Jazz illustrator : Jessica Gerard Huet

Citar illustrator : AM i collective

Cuba illustrator : Jean-François Bouchet

Funk, illustrator : AM i Collective

Generic illustrator: Jean Spezial

Rap illustrator: AM i Collective

Folk, illustrator : Jean Spezial

Kudos goes to the following; Photographer: Roger Turqueti Creative Director: Les Six Art Director: Jessica Gerard Huet Copywriter: Jean-françois Bouchet

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  • JCEFalconi's picture

    The illustrations look cool, but some of the copywriting is terrible. Diahrrea jokes about India? Katrina jokes? It's not so much offensive, but unimaginative and out of touch. It would've been better if he didn't put any captions on the images.

    Mar 19, 2008
  • bad_kiwi's picture

    I'd have to agree with JCEFalconi. The illustrations are a beautiful piece of whimsy, but the copy is utterly charmless and doesn't fit the art work at all. Such a shame, I'd have tried to get my hands on them otherwise.

    Mar 19, 2008
  • Neo's picture

    I have quite a different impression, I think the copy does a good job, the Funk one being my favorite. And the Katrina one is not a joke.
    Also, Neo Like the way Dabitch talks of herself in third person. Neo might start doing this too. Neo thinks it makes him sound important.

    Mar 19, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    It is quite possible that nuance has been lost in translation. These must have been written in French first to run in France.

    Mar 19, 2008

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