It's really hard to make great ads, and even harder to get into the award shows and Luerzer's Archive, so Y&R Israel is saying, don't kill yourself over craft. Write some radio instead.

Excuse me? Listen to the Mercury Awards from any previous year and tell me that was easy to come up with, that you didn't need craft to make it happen.

As for your ad, let's start with the image. Offensive much? I'm talking about the dumb visual pun of course. The subject matter I discount because it was clearly created to get 'talked about.' This seems like stuff that juniors (and at least two of my old bosses) would create specifically for award shows. With an invented client, or worse, using a small client to sell the bigger client work. As in "let's make a print ad for Boar's Head deli meat, but at the bottom we'll have a logo for Murray's Deli in five point type, with a line that reads 'Boar's Head, now available at Murray's Deli.' Then we'll submit it as an ad for Murray's Deli." Classic trick of the trade.

Oh and guys, since radio is so easy, I hope you'll send us yours.

You must have multiple playlists of auditory genius just waiting to be heard.

Advertising Agency: Y&R ISRAEL Chief Creative Officer: Benni Bronski Creative Director: Dror Nachumi, Gil Aviyam Art Director: Arbel Berman Copywriter: Oz Frenkel Executive Client Director: Tal Fishbain Account Supervisor: Adi Sharon ‏Account Manager: Ortal Dudu Planning: Ilil Yahav Producer: Shira Robas, Lirona Spivak

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