Zebra crossings as ad space in Italy


Zebra crossings as ad space in Italy

we just got this note in our inbox:

Zebra Crossing is now one of the most popular element of guerilla marketing. This time, it has been used in order to draw attention to the "Settimane dell'Architettura e del Design", an international appointment between designers, architets and passionates.
MTN Company, a brave and innovative integrated communication agency of South Italy, has experimented zebra crossing advertising in Cava de'Tirreni (Salerno) using 7 different decorations realized by the local ceramists.

I didn't even know that Zebra crossings were such a popular media space - one would think that traffic laws would frown upon that sort of thing.

However, I must admit that the patterns look pretty cool, and the Zebra crossings look worse for wear to begin with. They'll need a new coat of white paint soon enough - lets hope the money from selling them as adspace allows the city to buy some buckets of new paint.

ad agency: MTN Company

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A little youtube of the painting in action.

i LOVE the Mr Clean one.

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