Zig's guilty ads for Greenpeace


Zig's guilty ads for Greenpeace

The folks at zig have sent in their recent newspaper work for Greenpeace. Art Director Allan Mah and Copywriter Andrew Bradley teamed up with Photograher Michael Graf of Graf Studios Inc in Toronto to create these ads that began running last month in Now Magazine.

Agency: zig
Client: Greenpeace
Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Art Director: Allan Mah
Copywriter: Andrew Bradley
Team Leader: Christine Harron
Managing Director/Strategic Planner: Christian Mathieu
Project Coordinator: Kimberly French
Photographer: Michael Graf, Graf Studios Inc- Toronto
MAC Artist: Phil Donnelly
Inserted in: Now Magazine
Insertion Date: November 2, 2006

Ad type: 


The only gripe I have is with the headline "forced the E.U. to ban driftnet fishing worldwide". Uh... How can the E.U. ban things worldwide?

Dabitch wrote: How can the E.U. ban things worldwide?

The E.U. can't ban things worldwide. It is another of Greenpeace's misinformation and scare tactics campaigns.

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