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DOXA Documentary Film Festival Radio Spot

Target audience: Anyone interested in film, but more specifically a young urban audience from 21-45.

Communications objective: To develop a radio campaign that would set DOXA apart from other entertainment.

Creative Strategy: The creative strategy was based on an insight that people want alternative forms of entertainment. When it comes to movies, far too often moviegoers are stuck with what Hollywood offers them.

Campaign Description: The campaign highlights many Hollywood movie stereotypes. The radio spots use a film listings, phone-in service to demonstrate the lack of choice and expected storylines found in traditional theaters but then goes on to suggest DOXA as a completely different film experience.

Market commercial ran in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Creative Director: Jordan Doucette
Writer: Matt Bielby
Production House: Silent Joe West
Account Director: Ben Tarr
Agency Producer: Jen Cursio


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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    "with a bleedingly bad soundtracK" these are funny.

    May 01, 2011

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