Remember the campaign for the Belgian Magazine HUMO that caff posted last week, where Hitler was a rastafarian, W Bush a hindu and Osama was a cowboy?

There's more to it - little radio ads that you can listen to here.

Hitler and the Salsa download (save file as) adolf & salsa

Nasrallah Big Band download save file as..

Bush as a rastafarian save file as..

Client: Humo
Contacts: Guy Mortier, Chantal Janssens, Claudia Smeuninx
Agency: mortierbrigade ( Belgium)
Head of Quarters: Veerle Devos
CD: Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe De Ceuster
Copy: Joost Berends
AD: Dieter Vanhoof
Strategy: Tom Himpe
Illustration: Victor Sanchez
Producer: Thierry Lambot (Print Producer)
Photographer: Frieke Janssens
Retouching: Idéal23
Media: Posters, radio

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