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PSA - Jazz / Shazam radio ad ending - (2013)

This ad is different in that you have to Shazam the ending.

Agency: DraftFCB, Toronto
Music Company: Vapor Music, Toronto
Chief Creative Officer: Robin Heisey
DraftFCB, Toronto
Other: Elma Karabegovic
DraftFCB, Toronto
Copywriter: Lauren Miller
DraftFCB, Toronto
Account Executive: Cynthia Roach
DraftFCB, Toronto
Agency Producer: Anna Neilson
DraftFCB, Toronto
Director: Brett Foomer
Radical Media/Radke Films, Toronto
Music House: Gavin
Vapor Music, Toronto


Ad Brief: When Brands should not speak & how to put words in celebs mouths: Guest Evan Brown

We were a bit shocked when we recorded the podcast this week as it was the day we saw tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombs. We know many in Boston, our main muse Caffeinegoddess lives in Boston, so like so many other people that day, we were frantically sending texts to check on everyone. If we found information that could help other people, we tweeted it from @adland. This became our first topic on the podcast, how brands behave in the wake of tragedy, and how should they? Like Agencyspy posted today silence is golden.


The Ad Brief Podcast: This isn't a a joke, this is very serious

Welcome folks, to another Ad Brief Podcast hosted by moi and Noah Rosenberg of Happymedium. Play now with the button above or you can subscribe to it on iTunes like the cool cats do.


United Way, Greater Milwaukee "Baby You're the one." 1:00 (U.S.A.)

The United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Serve Marketing bring teens a reality check, in time for Valentines Day.

United Way of Greater Milwaukee
Agency: Serve Marketing
Art Directors: Michael Vojvodich, Matt McNulty
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Copywriter: Nicholas Pipitone
Photographer: Nick Collura
Photo Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino
Producer: Darlene Stimac


Ad Brief: When we're jetlagged and can't stay on topic.

Jet lagged out of my mind we managed to talk about everything from Jenny Nyström's Santa Claus later made world famous by Coke, to Black Friday as a day off and where bacon& egg breakfast comes from.

Fans of the twilight saga should shut their ears around the Florida chat and the woman wearing the shirt reading "Mrs Cullen". Good thing Noah Rosenberg, the co-founder and head of product over at HappyMedium wasn't as jet lagged as he could keep me on topic, sort of. And as always, the ad brief podcast is available in iTunes if you fancy subscribing.


The Ad Brief podcast. Episode 2: The Sherlockians

Sure enough after the release of the first episode of the Ad Brief Podcast we simply had to do it again. and after a bit of schedule bending, Noah & I sat down to yap about what makes an ad, an ad. Or rather how you do it. How do you write a brief? How do you start a start-up? How do you create an app? And what twisted sort of person wants to be creating ads, apps, startups and other things out of nothing?


World premiere of... The Ad Brief podcast. Episode 1: case studies study.

Hello World it's time to figure out just how Swedish my accent really is (A: not very).

Update The ad brief podcast is now available in iTunes so if you fancy go tell us how much we suck over there too, ie; rate us! ;)


Halifax - driving fast doesn't impress

What is the timing of the campaign?

The initial radio and billboard components will run for one month. The toll plaza communications and Twitter presence will extend past one month. New radio and billboards will be introduced in the fall.


Ronald McDonald Barnfond 2011, 40 sec, Sweden

The Ronald McDonald Childrens Fund

Campaign - ”Please don’t hang up”

As a parent or relative, saying good night to a child over the phone is the last thing you want to do when the child is going through a tough period of sickness. You’d wanna be there in person. That’s the reason of existence for The Ronald McDonald Houses, and The Ronald McDonald Childrens fund. The aim is to build houses in connection to hospitals around Sweden, to act as a home away from home for the parents and relatives – a place where they can stay while the child is hospitalized.

Copy Writer - Nick Christiansen
Art Director - Joel Ekstrand
Account Director - Pelle Josephson
Account Manager - Jeanette Ytterman
Planner - Karl Wikström

Production company - Sara Haag AB
Director - Sara Haag


DOXA Documentary Film Festival

Target audience: Anyone interested in film, but more specifically a young urban audience from 21-45.

Communications objective: To develop a radio campaign that would set DOXA apart from other entertainment.

Creative Strategy: The creative strategy was based on an insight that people want alternative forms of entertainment. When it comes to movies, far too often moviegoers are stuck with what Hollywood offers them.

Campaign Description: The campaign highlights many Hollywood movie stereotypes. The radio spots use a film listings, phone-in service to demonstrate the lack of choice and expected storylines found in traditional theaters but then goes on to suggest DOXA as a completely different film experience.

Market commercial ran in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.


Cyfra+ - Childproof Commercial (2010) 30' (Poland)

A Polish advertiser takes advantage of presbycusis* an age related hearing loss that prevents suffering adults from hearing certain frequency ranges. In this “childproof commercial”, the producer used an 18,000 Hz sound effect to supposedly annoy younger listeners thereby keeping them away from getting the message.

CYFRA is a leading Polish digital TV provider. Their job was to tell people about their parental control system.

Advertising agency decided to create a commercial for adults and adults only. They took advantage of the scientific fact that people loose their ability to hear high frequency sounds when getting older. According to experts 18,000 Hz can be heard only by people under 21 years of age.


Buddy Diving School - Breaaaath (2010) 60' (Poland)

It's all about one. One breath. One minute. One commercial. One big: thank you!


Fashion Intervention - Beachin' - Ontario, Canada

Beachin'; A clothing store that used to mainly cater to male and female skaters. Lately they have regrouped and they've been targeting older females as well (who isn't?). Well, it's back to school time and mom has been busy buying only for herself and forgetting about the kids. Dad calls for a "Fashion Intervention"

Writer: Andy Keating
Producer: Andy Keating


Radio Presentation for Wide Mouth Media, Saskatchewan, Canada

What do you do when the agency you've been doing some work for says their radio work is drying up. You put a tool in their hands to help them sell radio. Using bits and pieces of some work you have done for them (they also sent work created by others)

The presentation concept and production by: Andy Keating.
Writer of the ads within the presentation: Baron Rackow
Ads number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 within the presentation produced by; Andy Keating
Agency: Wide Mouth Media


Don't despair - you can have the Old Spice man do your voicemail

Miss him already? The Old Spice Man's replies to tweets which was a great thing, has ended - but don't despair if you can't get enough of Isaiah Mustafa's special brand of Old Spice extra hunky, have him read your voice-mail message, like I just did (hit play above). I might not have been able to marry this campaign yet, but I'm getting closer. At the right moment, you know I'll pop the question.

Go here to get your own

I never thought I'd say this in public, but I ❤ Reddit users.


Hippo - Fight Hunger / Hitler , Stalin, Saddam - radio

Tony Hertz from Hertz Radio in England directed these ads for Hippo, he says;

"I really liked the line 'Hunger is the root of all evil'. Because the concept is so strong and emotionally true it’s an inevitable and logical (if whacky) outcome of the scene and is actually part of the fun. This is unlike so many radio scripts, where the product claim is often the signal that the entertainment is over. It was my first time to work with an Indian agency and with Creativeland Asia was very positive and surprisingly easy despite the distance and time difference."

Agency: Creativeland Asia
ECD: Sajan Raj Kurup, Vikram Gaikwad, Anu Joseph
Creative team: Huzefa Kapadia, Vinit Bharucha, Bryan Elijah
Account services team: Jay Gala, Anjali Khanchandani


chance lottery- who's the man?

product: chance lottery
chief creative director: Guy Bar
creative director: Eran Bar-Yochai
copywriter: Ran Allon,Tamar Dvir
agency producer: Noga Sagi


Y&R Lima - League Against Cancer - Baby

The child's voice says:

I'm here inside of you
but you don't know it yet
and that's why every day I get a little bigger.
Sometimes, when you suspect I'm here,
you touch yourself, and try to feel me,
expecting me to give you a sign of life
as if I was going to give you a little kick, or something.
But I'm safely hidden, and getting bigger and bigger.
And your hands are nothing but a gentle caress.
I know that when I grow really big,
you'll give up your life for me.

Male VO: Breast cancer can be growing inside of you. Spot it with a mammography.
Peruvian League against cancer.

credits -
ECD: Flavio Pantigoso
HoA: Tin Sanchez
Creative Team: Daniel Lobatón, Hiroshi Sagawa
Sound: Vinylo


Scouts Electronicfest PSA (2010) 30 seconds (USA)

The Boy Scouts of America Troop 446, in Scottsdale, Arizona have operated Electronicfest since 1985. It has become the largest electronics swap meet and recycling event in the southwestern United States.

This public service announcement was produced to air on 93.3 KDKB-FM (Mesa, Arizona) in support of Electronicfest.

More information at


Mercedes - From 0-100 in 4.5 sec. flat (2010) 11 sec. (Israel)


Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay Y&R Interactive

Name of radio: 0-100 in 4.5 sec. flat

Date: April 2010