Superbowl commercials 2009 XLIII

GoDaddy - Enhanced Hearing - (2009) :30 (USA)

Oh dear oh dear, now they're recycling their old superbowl ad crap ideas, this time with a combination of "senate hearing" and the "cliffhanger" of a woman almost ripping her shirt off. You must go online to see the rest of the ad because it's "Too hot for TV" but I promise you, it won't be breasts, and it won't be funny either. Unless you're the type that thought the beaver-gag was funny last year, in which case I feel sorry for you dear.


GoDaddy - Shower Danica Patrick - (2009) :30 (USA)

GoDaddy keep up their special brand of offensive to everyone but amoebas. Got mouthbreathing men drooling over Danica Patrick in the shower - check. Got magic computers that turn into remote-controlled voyuer-cams with special powers that promt Danica Patrick to shower eight times a day - check. Got the force-fed hard sell of "website and domain name from GoDaddy Dot Com" actually spoken in place of real dialogue in ad, thus making every copywriter in the world cringe - check. For good measure, lets throw in a blond supposed secretary from the deans office in that shower as well. I beg of you, please remove your domains from godaddy so we don't have to watch this crap appear again next year.