domestic violence


Vodafone "Red Light App" (2014) 2:00 (Turkey)

Vodafone "Red Light App" (2014) 2:00 (Turkey)

Here's a pretty hardcore but brilliant Idea from Vodafone in Turkey. Y&R Team Red created a Red Light App to help aid women if they are about to become victims of domestic violence.


Spot Abuse "Dial 9-1-1" (2014) :30 (USA)

 Spot Abuse "Dial 9-1-1"  (2014) :30 (USA)

This unflinching spot makes the point that 76% of people who abuse dogs, end up abusing a family member. While I think the "He's next" super wasn't needed, the casting is spot on, especially with the vet who knows exactly what is going on. Sad. but important to remember.


Pepsi Max - Love Hurts - (2011)

Pepsi Max - Love Hurts - (2011)

Like I tweeted: Dear Pepsi Max, spousal abuse is not funny.


Norwegian Women's Shelter Association "Emergency Call" (2010)

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Phone call:
Police: The Police. Emergency calls…..hallo
Woman: Yes, hi. This is Monica Andresen. I would like to order a pizza for 74 Church Street.
Police (interrupts): This is the police emergency line
Woman mumbles in the background
Police: This is the emergence line for the pol….
Woman: Yes, that’s right……. The address is 74 Church Street. We would like to order a large pizza no. 11, with ham and mushrooms.
Police : (confused) ehhhhh…… yes
Woman : Yeah. And it would be really great if could get here as quickly as possible.