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Åsk Dabitch Wäppling. Art director and the force behind Adland. I built this advertising news resource in '96 and am still doing it
Åsk Wäppling

Åsk Wäppling

  • Headline : Creative Director / Creative Technologist / Art Director
  • Location : Other
  • Industry : Marketing and Advertising
  • Summary : If we've never met, never worked together, and you're not offering me a job, I don't wish to Linkin. When I was three years old I "hacked" into the high security area of triangle park IBM. Ask my dad who got the security alert. The doorway motion detectors were simply set higher than I could limbo. I'm a firm believer in that the creative idea and target steers the media choice. That strategy like underskirts should never show, and the proposition should always be clear. Creative collaboration between people with different skillsets and experience is like watering a wee plant. You can overwater them, but every plant needs water. Specialties: Strategic branding Art Director who (gasp!) actually knows how to draw too. Geek by genetics, everyone before me was an engineer and I've had the habit of picking things apart to see how they work since I got my first screwdriver set when I was four.
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