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You're letting the sites off a little too easy I think with the "they've been had, just like you". They hired whatever advertising networks, all of varying reputation, levels of annoying-ness, etc?...
They didn't blame the intern? SOP at Jung von Matt.
Now that is a carbon copy.
Seems to me that both of these examples are suffering from the same kind of myopic naivete. The Swedish talk about it hashtag would never have met the English one causing that con/fusion if someone...
I wish I knew what you two were talking about.
Thanks for this.
....doing FINE I just got in this morning....
But that means that you were approved for not one, but two, adsense accounts, despite the Sloggi ads on the site that have been here since June 2004 when you kicked up a shitstorm about them.
It didn't last very long, did it? Recall last year:Site changes "Also, we've added ... *gasp*.... banner ads."
So, banner ads on in August 2010 and banned in, when exactly?
Well no WONDER you got banned from Google Adsense. You comment on American Apparel ads. We all know this is the gateway to hardcore pornography.
Does she really think looking like that is good? She looks like Barbie, but not as realistic.
Twitter is beginning to feel like reality TV 140 characters at a time.
What a bizarre idea.
That old ad is so disturbing in hindsight.
So is that skull-bunny though.
I googled that quote and got two hits, The Inspiration Room and Adland. Where else has this been said greenface? I believe that they ripped Simon off, I know advertising, that is the way it goes...