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Powerful, provocative message, yes. Can't say I agree, though. All this spot does is further the myth that guns are inherently bad. Guns are metal objects. If someone steals your car, gets drunk,...
"Clearly in bad taste, at least, the Indian source also questions the timing of these risqué Ford ads, as the follow by days new anti-rape legislation passed by the Indian Parliament. Ford has...
Tabasco "Mosquito". Hands down my favorite spot over the years. Simple idea, powerfully executed.
Tabasco - Mosquito
Oh, thank heaven. This guy was annoying at best. Never made me feel any emotional connection for the brand. None whatsoever.
Damn, Leslie. If I didn't know you, I'd think you were a guy.
Totally bodacious. Probably a 36CW.
I don't drive a Hyundai,
but a Honda instead.
Though that's not to say
that their cars can't, um...shred.
Now, speaking of shredding,
let's go back to two wheels
and land on a helmet that claims
That's very funny. I missed the part where they admit it's a spoof. But maybe that makes it even funnier.
Love the subtle hint at her blindness when she lightly caresses the leather steering wheel.
Beautiful spot, well done. The dry lake bed cliche is the fourth character here, and therefore becomes a...