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Thing that doesn't make sense about the car theory is that they've had VW for a long time now...and it's just recently that the amount of good stuff vs "eh" or bad stuff ratio has changed. For the...
I'd have a headache if I banged on the table like that too.
I like the first one best, better than sneakers. Rated it five anyway.
HA HA HA HA that is great.
Such a great spin on the wassup campaign.
Wow, he's aged hasn't he? Looks like a kid in this spot. You can find all David Spade spots here more from the coors light are on page two but I don't see a spot called Fake ID.
Who is that actor? I know him, but can't recall where I've seen him before.
I'm a fast talking man fan, also for the promise "when you have to have it overnight". Shame this promise doesn't hold up when a simple closed door prevents delivery!
Too clever by half, the problem being that they can't reach their target this way like you point out.
I think it's very fresh, great visuals. Not at all pleased with the music bed though.
Nobody did over here yet.
Hal escaped a plane hijack once.
"I just opened the goddamn emergency hatch, jumped out and ran like hell," Riney told The Chronicle that year. "I zigzagged while I ran, expecting shots that never...
True, the animation is slick.
And is that a dent in the front from some angry guy sick of his honking?