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Thing that doesn't make sense about the car theory is that they've had VW for a long time now...and it's just recently that the amount of good stuff vs "eh" or bad stuff ratio has changed. For the...
I'd have a headache if I banged on the table like that too.
I like the first one best, better than sneakers. Rated it five anyway.
HA HA HA HA that is great.
Such a great spin on the wassup campaign.
Wow, he's aged hasn't he? Looks like a kid in this spot. You can find all David Spade spots here more from the coors light are on page two but I don't see a spot called Fake ID.
Who is that actor? I know him, but can't recall where I've seen him before.
I'm a fast talking man fan, also for the promise "when you have to have it overnight". Shame this promise doesn't hold up when a simple closed door prevents delivery!
Too clever by half, the problem being that they can't reach their target this way like you point out.
Nobody did over here yet.
True, the animation is slick.
And is that a dent in the front from some angry guy sick of his honking?