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I want a Dabitch lego figurine.
Dab: you're a star - "...we expect both chicken strangling and monkey-spanking at the very least." :)
But it has to be another take. Car on the YT is bumped and one of the robbers that falls in the original com doesn't in the YT-flc
Well, Admeta. You should write a book in DIY-advertising? Not.
Admeta is in big trouble...
Strong work of you Admeta.
That have been around for somewhat very long haven't it?
Länk till hans Flickrkonto kanske?
They are quiet in Sweden: have we exported the Christian Democrats to MPAA?
Oh! No more pron! Think what Paypal can think about it! And hey, someone can mistakenly take Adland for the Adr*nts kinda marcom thingy ;)
Hell. People in Dalarna can't pronounce "ö" right either :)
Eh... what? Where's the horses? Where's the greatness of nature?